Unleash Your Imagination…In Your Garden

Covid has caused us all to make many changes in our lives; our routine, our way of thinking and even our lifestyle. At the start of the year I would have been in tears of laughter if I had been told we were going to have a toilet roll shortage. But, although it didn’t quite make the headlines, gardening sales sky rocketed because us Brits put our talents to good use and decided to absorb the good weather and give our gardens some TLC that they deserved. Everyone turned to their gardens for something to do, this may have become hobbies for a lot of us and something we should try and keep up because not only does it give your home a great appearance but it gives us little projects to work on throughout the year.

Even though the winter months are coming and the sun will soon be going into hibernation, gardening is something that can be done all year round and we can become very productive when we put our minds to it. I’m not saying we will have the experience of another compost shortage anytime soon, that’s a little extreme, but the fact is we found something we enjoyed to keep us busy when there was no other alternative so why shouldn’t it be included in your daily life?

During these difficult times the Garden Centre on Asfordby Hill continued to strive and offer a huge variety of garden essentials to all customers travelling from near and far supplying them with everything that was needed to make their gardens look spectacular! But why stop now? There is no reason we shouldn’t continue to make our homes look good and add a little colour and sparkle to the place!

I have spent a lot of time travelling (and also watching reality TV shows, a guilty pleasure I’ll admit) but I have seen a lot of places that give great inspiration. Your garden is your land, your turf, so make it into a place that you can enjoy to be in, sit and relax in the sun and just be in your own space.

Add some furniture to host parties, BBQ’s or just small gatherings in the near future. Grab some bags of gravel or bark to spruce up a beautiful patio area. Create an Alpine scenery to look out at and imagine yourself being somewhere majestic by building a pond and then picking up some water plants on offer or even make your own little forest by filling your trolley with some flowers, trees and herbs. Even if you only have a small area to work with, you could get some hanging baskets to add to your front porch because lets face it, the front/outside of your house is the first thing people notice and it is one thing that can show passers by what kind of person you are so go and get some greenery and impress your neighbours by giving the outside of your home a personal touch!

Add a simple splash of colour with our winter bedding packs and while you’re at it why not put them into brand new pots… ceramic, plastic, its all here. Go wild and get a few roses; they truly stand out, look gorgeous in every season and are sure to make an impression. Its also the perfect time of year to start planting as our spring bulbs have recently arrived so there is enough time to get your veggies and flowers a good start ready in time for the season.

The trend of growing your own fruits and veggies has risen dramatically for many reasons; health kicks, an activity to do with the children or just for a sense of productivity and accomplishment. Grab some seeds and your gloves and start digging to grow your own produce right in your own home. Go wild and grab a fruit tree… not only do you get the delicious result once the fruit has produced and ripened but they also give the added bonus of making the garden look magical. As an alternative they do make lovely memorials to keep right in your view for a loved one. I bought one in memory of a close family member and it now has a great spot on our patio.

Did you know all of the beautiful perennials are home grown here on site by our wonderful team members? They are now flowering and gaining their own personality which just makes them totally unique plus you can get all of the expert advice on the best care for them by having a chat to us which also makes your shopping experience a little more interesting.

So, with this in mind, grab your wallet and your creative thoughts and head to us here at the Garden Centre, there is plenty to give your yard a makeover and transform your outdoor living space. For us the gardening season never ends, with fresh stock coming in on a weekly basis you’ll be spoilt for choice!
Make a day of it and head into the restaurant for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, there’s no reason to make it all about the productivity when you can indulge in some sweet treats for yourself as well!

Need gardening tips but don’t want to leave the house? Head onto the Facebook page to watch some tutorials from our one and only Steve, the gardener with all the facts and advice you could possibly need.

We hope to see you soon!

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