Winter Is Upon Us…

I’m sure we have all noticed the change in the weather this week, the cold is creeping in, the leaves are changing colour and the skies are getting darker. One morning we woke up sweating stripped to the bare minimum and sticking our heads in the freezer then the next we’re wearing onesies, wrapped in blankets and the heating is ramped up. It’s a sign that summer is well and truly over and the dismal winter is on its way in. But, here at The Mountain Restaurant, we welcome the colder months; we love the atmosphere (that is not blown in by the arctic winds) brought in with the festive feelings and bubbly personalities of our customers despite fighting frostbite when stepping outside. Our Sunday roast dinners sure are a huge hit this time of year (as you can see they are enough to make anyone jealous!) so don’t discount popping out for a feast despite a chill in the air as you appreciate it more!

We make it comfortable for you to come and relax, take a short break and just imagine yourself sat in an Alpine Cabin up the French Alps, in the warm with a hot drink in your hand after a long day on the slopes. Although fluffy pyjamas and slippers are not recommended, we do not frown upon dodgy jumpers and furry boots, you will fit right in!

The cold weather also allows us to set our alpine theme into full swing as all of the lights come on sparkling and of course the best part… the log fire starts roaring bringing warmth and a cosy atmosphere to the place. You get a warm welcome, a treat for your 4 legged friends as well as a huge selection of delights for yourself, I mean what’s not to love?

The disappearance of the sun means the start of pumpkin spice season and we’re not one to miss out on a good thing. Treat yourself to one of our Autumnal drinks which not only includes the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte but also Mulled Wine, Hot Toddy and Baileys Hot Chocolate. They’ll warm you up and leave you with a smile on your face. While you’re at it, dig into a mammoth size piece of cake to tide you over or indulge in one of our huge homemade scones which will definitely have you coming back for more.

With the days getting shorter and the end of the year fast approaching, its safe to say salads are a thing of the past and we are all craving a good, hearty meal. This is where we come in perfectly! Just like if you had spent the day on a snow topped mountain and are dying to have an indescribable pan of cheesy heaven in front of you, we are the destination for you! To anyone who hasn’t been to the French Alps, you may not be aware of the unique dish called the Tartiflette; it sounds simple yet divine, (basically a fancy cheese casserole) a pan of potatoes, Reblochon Cheese, lardons and onions served piping hot with a French baguette fit for dunking and leafy greens (just to add a tiny bit of a healthy element to it). Its one thing many skiers crave after a long day but its also perfect to delve into in a log cabin themed restaurant in England on a cold winter day (not to mention this is one of only a handful of places in this country you can actually try the real thing because even though it sounds simple, it takes a chef’s talent to get it just right.)

Although it is is slightly less well known, we also serve Berthoud; another Savoie regional dish consisting of Abondance cheese, garlic and white wine also served with bread, meats and boiled potatoes perfect for dipping like a fondue. Send your stomach to heaven and say ‘Cheese!’ for the camera.

Of course if you are still craving French food but don’t have a large appetite, why not go for a Croque Monsieur or one of our alpine based pizzas (not quite the same but as equally delicious)!

Detouring slightly, in these uncertain and lets be honest, depressing times we seem to be going through, we all need a little something to look forward to. I know the thought might make some people want to scream but cause others to jump up and down like Buddy in the movie Elf, but Christmas is creeping up on us and will soon hit us like a sack of spuds. Just a gentle reminder for everyone that seems to be preoccupied currently (in other words get cracking with the shopping and your wish lists because it will be here before you have time to dig out the chocolate tin!). Here at the Mountain Restaurant the festive vibes keep on flowing no matter what so worry not, we will not be depriving anyone of a royal worthy feast as our team of elves do not rest until their boots can jingle no more! This is the perfect destination for your Crimbo Clothes to make an appearance; whether it be a small get together, a family occasion or an ‘ehh why not’ moment, there is a set menu on offer with different choices so you won’t get sick of Turkey before the big day rolls around! Also open on Christmas Day, come and celebrate Alpine style… bring your glittery frocks, beaming smiles and good appetites to experience a Christmas like no other! We all need to end the year on a high note so why not try something a little different…but still bring your bad cracker jokes and paper hats as they will never go out of style!

So, you’re sitting snug by the roaring fire with a belly full of food, holding a piping hot drink, pretending you are in a ski lodge in France on a fab holiday… what could be better? (besides a massive Lottery win but truthfully that’s about as likely as a singing reindeer).

Are there any dishes (French or not) that you would like to try? Boeuf Bourguinon, Coq Au Vin, Potato Daphinoise? Maybe a selection of pastries to go with your coffee like croissants, beignets or palmiers? Maybe something totally different like a giant filled Yorkshire Pudding? Get in touch with us through our website or Facebook page and you never know, next time you visit you could be delving into your craving! We hope to see you soon!

Garden Centre and Mountain Restaurant

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