Sunsets, Snorkelling and Sailing: 3 Days in Key West

One of the many things that makes the Florida Keys a popular tourist destination is the turquoise waters and the beautiful weather that gives you the feel of being in the Caribbean. Key West is one of the bigger islands that makes up this part of Florida and here you can find its famous Key Lime Pie which itself gives you a good reason to visit!

I only got to spend 3 days in Key West and I would have happily stayed for longer, there is just so much to do! On my first night we went into the main square for a sunset festival; these which happens on most nights during the summer. There were so many stalls selling local food and cocktails and street performers on every corner, it was just one massive party. I especially loved how everyone was walking round drinking out of a pineapple instead of a cup, it made everything feel so tropical! The sunset didn’t fail to disappoint either.

I spent the majority of the next day out on the water with around 40 other people on a Catamaran sailing out to sea to go Snorkelling in one of the most beautiful reefs. My only regret is not having an underwater camera with me. I had never been snorkelling before so this was a whole new experience for me. We spent most of the afternoon on the boat just off the coast where I got unbelievably excited because I got to cross more things off my bucket list including Jet Skiing, banana boating and Parasailing and because I get excited so easily you can imagine the look on my face when I saw the water trampoline. This was without a doubt one of my favourite days on my trip!


I would definitely recommend going on one of these boat trips if you’re visiting the Keys, they are definitely worth the money. All the crew are so friendly, you get all of the activities included and a breakfast and lunch buffet as well as unlimited drinks and alcohol. The one thing I would warn everyone about is the sun and the heat especially if you’re from England and not used to it. Factor 50 sun cream/screen is a must, I learnt that the hard way! I have never been so badly burnt in my life, I literally looked like a lobster!

The food in Key West is as good as it is anywhere in America. Fishing is a big thing in this part of the country so everywhere you go there are seafood restaurants but whichever one you go to it will be the best tasting fish you ever had. Even other restaurants have a theme to them, my favourite was the one we found that was a pirate ship inside!  It is also ice cream galore, there are parlours on almost every street, I can honestly say I never seen as many flavours of the stuff than I did in Florida! While spending my final day on the beach (under a palm tree trying not to get more sunburnt of course) I came across a shave ice stand and there was no way I was leaving without having some! And of course you can’t got to Key West and not have a piece of Key Lime Pie.

While we were on the beach I was intrigued by a group of people who were setting up for a wedding; it looked like it was going to be such a beautiful little ceremony but when people starting arriving and thinking we were guests we thought it may be time to leave.

I could not have asked for a better place to stay than where we were, although it’s nice to be in a hotel or hostel where there is air-conditioning, camping is definitely the way to go. We set up camp in a lovely campsite and got a spot right by the water which was a bonus. If you wake up to a view like this it’s worth sleeping in your bikini under canvas for.

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