Top Reasons Why You Should Travel With Trek America

Travelling alone can be a very daunting thing especially if it’s your first time. If you don’t want to be completely alone you should consider taking a group tour and if it’s America your planning on visiting I would definitely recommend a trip with Trek America! Here are my top 5 reasons why…

Meeting new people

One of the best ways to meet new people while your travelling is to go on a group tour, this way you aren’t actually alone. You spend every day with the same group of people and because of this you get to know everyone so quickly and by the end of your trip you will be practically family and would have made friends for life! You could even find a travel buddy and go and see more of the world together. You will all be there for the same reason; to see new places and have a good time so you will soon find things you have in common and get along like a house on fire!

New Places

Another great thing about Trek America is they offer such a wide range of tours to suit anybody. If you don’t have a lot of time you can go for a short trip that covers just a small part of the country lasting just 3-7 days. These are also useful for people who just want a taster of what group travel is like. If you have a lot of time on your hands and like the idea of covering a larger portion of the states there are also cross-country trips that last from 31-80 days! Whichever tour you decide to go on you will see so many new places, some you may never have thought about before. You are likely to see a lot more this way than travelling on your own and they are all affordable.


New Experiences

Travelling with Trek America gives you the chance to experience so many new things, especially things you may not do if you were alone. Would you ever have considered sleeping in a Hogan in Monument Valley or climbed a 5 mile round trip up Angels Landing? Gone on a party limo down the Las Vegas Strip or gone White water rafting in Moab? The possibilities are endless!

Fun Road Trips

The downside to travelling alone is you have to find your own way from A to B and this can sometimes be stressful and very costly. On Trek America tours you travel by van so you never have to worry about this and despite what you may think it is such a fun way to travel simply for the reason you are not alone. Although on parts of your trip you may have a long day of hours on the road (and this may not sound good to a lot of people) because there is a group of you, you can easily find entertainment! The person riding shotgun is usually in charge of music so make sure you have a good playlist ready! You can spend this time to get to know you fellow trekkers, play silly games or even take a nap if you have been partying hard the night before. Long commutes should not be feared as they can easily be made fun and you will stop off several times for gas which is your chance to stock up on snacks and pig out in the back of the van!

Your Tour Leader

A Trek leader will make your time in the states truely uforgettable! They are not just there to look after you and get you from one place to the next, they will also do anything they can to make your trip as good as it can be so if there is something you really want to do/see or food you want to try don’t be afraid to ask, anything is possible! They also know a lot of places off the beaten path and all of the best places to eat which is a bonus.

The Camping Experience

If you’re like me and have never been camping before your trip it may make you feel more nervous than you already are but this is such a good way to spend the night as you get to stay in some pretty amazing places! By the end of your trip you will be experts and have those tents up in the blink of an eye. I won’t lie there is work that needs to be done including washing the dishes, cleaning the van and doing the cooking but once you pair up and share chores you’ll have it done in no time. If you were staying in a hotel you would not have the chance to sit around a campfire eating s’mores. Our group had a game of Jenga almost every night that sometimes lasted for hours, we were all pros by the end!

The one thing I will tell anyone going on a Trek America trip is YOU WILL HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!


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