Invite A Sustainable Future Into Your Home

So, its 2020, life is not how we would have imagined it to be… A pandemic, natural disasters, crime, Donald Trump, the list goes on! I mean come on even David Attenborough has got Instagram now so things are definitely changing and a whole new world is upon us. With all of the uncertainty its hard to keep things ‘normal’, so, why not make another few changes to add a little boost to your home lifestyle?

At the Garden Centre here on Asfordby Hill we have done just that and completely revamped the gift shop into a brand new Home and Lifestyle Store. Not only have we made this change to offer you, our customers, something a little different, but also because we are loving the idea of sustainability and we are definitely ones who care for the environment and every impact we have on this planet through trade.

Let me bring you up to speed a little…
the main goal of sustainable interior design is to improve the overall performance of products by reducing the negative impacts they have on the environment. The main objectives are to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimising waste and to create healthy and productive environments. By shopping with us, even just a few small items can have a massive impact on lives, especially those whose products you are purchasing and without even having to compromise on quality or style!

Let me introduce you to one of the brands we are selling products of…

This incredible company was set up by a couple of people who got inspired by talented craftspeople and their work whilst on a life changing, round the world trip. by working with artisans and supporting/celebrating their skills they manage to bring their products to a wider audience and by doing this they have learnt that every product has its own unique story to tell. The key thing to know about this company is that they work alongside independent businesses and focus on strong relationships with their suppliers. To help make cultures progress in these hard times they work with suppliers who are at the start of their Fair Trade process and make them a success by not just adhering to the 10 Global Standard principles of Fair Trade but by also having created their own management procedures in their supply base. When there is a desire for an ethical journey, it gives the artisans a chance to build a great future and also helps the business to create sustainable employment.
They are Eco-friendly so work with only natural and recycled materials by creating handmade products using waste leftover from other industries such as cotton, leather and metals. This allows them to make new and beautiful products with less impact on the environment.
The thing that makes each of their products so special is the fact that the relationship between an artisan and the product is not a mass market item but more of an individually crafted piece made by using skills passed down through generations. From photo frames, mirrors and wall art to stools, tableware and lamps, they have it all.

Another one of the brands we use is Madam Stoltz:

This interior design and decoration firm offer products inspired by nature, local traditions and craftsmanship from the countries of India, Morocco, Vietnam and China. This Danish collection based in Bornholm is successful enough to be sold in shops globally ranging from practical accessories to cozy home comforts and must haves. Their main focus is to work with Indian manufactures and their families, learning about their traditions and wisdom from generations to provide top quality, unique products whilst being able to ‘give a little bit back’ to the place that has given the company a bright future. They now have more than 450 children and their families under their wing in New Delhi by supporting the Nai Disha project.
This text taken from their website sums up just what its all about for this company; “30 years ago Pernille packed her bags and went to India on adventure. She immediately lost her heart to India and started selling jewellery to finance her travels. The locals named the young Danish adventurer ‘Madam’… When returning to Copenhagen, opening up a small shop selling her designs, the name Madam Stoltz came to her mind and was chosen. Today Madam Stoltz is an interior decoration and design company situated on Pernille Stoltz’ birthplace – the little Danish island Bornholm – with 25 employees and customers all over the world.” “The undeterred curiosity, creativity and passion developed by Pernille Stoltz have been her sources of inspiration for transforming a small, local lifestyle shop into a flourishing lifestyle project. Inspiration from the colourful, cultural sensuality of India and the rugged contrasts of Bornholm’s countryside is embodied in all Madam Stoltz designs – in everything from soft textiles to cosily lighting, practical utensils and charming accessories.”
Goes to show there is a story behind every success.
The beauty about their products is that not only do you get a unique item handcrafted so elegantly, but the creators are given a place for social life as they are able to earn the funds to run their homes so is therefore an investment in the families that provide them to us.

Moving on from the nitty gritty and onto what you get from all of this…

Although we enjoyed selling cards and gifts suitable for any occasion we decided to make a change and invest in a chance for you to create a brighter home. We have everything you could want to make any room in your house a brand new living space, whether it be just adding in a little furniture, some new kitchen crockery or having a total makeover, we’ve got you covered.

Developed a fetish for House plants? I mean who hasn’t in these recent years, they’ve become a must have in almost every persons life as they aid sleep, increase oxygen and, well, just brighten up the place without needing a great deal of care! Our range has increased massively and they have all been hand chosen by our gardener and director Steve along with his daughter Molly for their quality and easy care. Add a bit of greenery to the inside of your house not just your garden!

Is the corner of your room missing a little something? How about putting in a little side table or a chair to snuggle up in on a cold day? Toss on a cushion or two and a throw and you’ve got yourself a cosy little corner hangout!

Tired of using old crockery or having a dinner party and fancy the need to impress your guests? Why not invest in some sustainably sourced, hand crafted plates and bowls from our Armina Dining collection to set the calming tone and compliment your dining table. One piece, two pieces or even the whole set, you’ll soon be after more!

In need of a gorgeous mirror to liven up those plain boring walls? We have a great selection including this antique brass Yakira mirror (available in multiple sizes). Unfortunately they are not as grand as the talking one from Snow White that talks to you but they are just as glamerous and attractive.

Wanting to add a new fresh scent to your senses? Treat yourself to a little something from the Botanical Candle Co. from Dorset. These incredible candles are made by pouring only 100% soy wax flakes combined with a natural fragrance which makes them so close to one with nature. (Of course the packaging is plastic free and the amber jars are reusable which is an added bonus!)
Or, even the range of Beeswax candles, completely natural products, honey scented and has the added bonus of cleaning the air and creating bright light just like the sun!

We also have a range of stationary made with recycled and sustainable materials such as coffee cups to protect the planet and support the education of children worldwide through the profits.

Hopefully a visit to our new Home and Lifestyle Store will inspire to rejig your homes and get a little bit creative… why not give sustainable products a go? They may be a little pricier but your money goes much further than you realise and its a no brainer that any visitors will be envious of your style and creativity.

Stuck for ideas? Come and speak to a member of our team; we will be more than happy to give you some pointers and any information you may want. Plus, who says a little browse won’t get your imagination flowing…

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