Welcome to my Travel Blog!

My dream has always been to travel around the world, and I’m getting there one destination at a time…

​I don’t do things by halves, I like to make the most of everything around me and I never miss a good photo opportunity so put a cliff or a waterfall in front of me and I’ll be standing on the edge in a split second but hey, excitement and danger just adds to the experience does it not?

 I never truly imagined what inspiring places could be out there in this big wide world… I’ve learnt not to believe everything you hear and read particularly from the media. You need to get out there and see things with your own eyes to see just how extraordinary things can be.

Many moons ago I wrote a Bucket List and over the past few years I have made it my goal in life to cross things off one by one. Whether it’s something big like a Skydive or riding in a helicopter or something quite small and silly like going to IKEA or getting a tattoo (which I now have many of I might add), I am slowly getting through everything on there and intend to keep going until I have achieved it all. Although this could take quite some time because the list just seems to not stop growing!

​As I’ve always believed, you should live the life you dream, people will judge you no matter what you do so you might as well make yourself happy so write that bucket list, dare to leave your comfort zone and get out there…there’s a world of adventure waiting for you!

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