Why Antelope Canyon should be on every traveller’s Bucket List

Antelope Canyon is one of those places that look amazing in photographs but there’s nothing like seeing it with your own eyes, you won’t believe just how incredible it is. It’s probably not a place you would have thought to visit but once you’ve been you’ll be glad you did!

This picturesque slot canyon is located in Navajo territory near the city of Page in Arizona (which in my opinion is one of the best states). It is best known for its wavy sandstone walls caused by water carving its way through due to flash flooding which occurs quite often in this region.

It’s easy to see why it is the most photographed slot canyon in the world. The formation of sandstone walls rising 120 feet above and the sun beaming through make for some beautiful pictures.

The canyon is only accessible by guided tour but this is much better than going alone as you learn about how it was formed and the history of it. It’s made up of 2 canyons, the upper and the lower, the upper canyon being more popular due to its accessibility and ground level entrance.

As you’re walking along the narrow path through the canyon you’ll soon see what makes it so attractive and why pictures don’t do it justice!


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